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What makes a 'Beken of Destiny Marriage Service' especially unique?

Getting married? What do you need?

In the State of North Dakota you need yourself and a spouse, you need two witnesses, and you need a wedding license issued in the county you plan on having the ceremony. (good for 60 days after you apply in ND) and a Wedding Officiant. That is where we come in.

Officiant Only  Package 


Getting married and do not have time?


With this package you get one of our Wedding Officiants to work with you by phone and online on developing your personalized service. They will come out for your rehearsal, and be with you on your wedding day up to the cutting of the cake.

For Ceremonies within 40 miles of Minot

Super Clergy Package

Why is this package Super?

It is the ultimate tag-team wedding ceremony.

How many of your friends can say they had both a male and a female minister officiate their wedding?

This package includes:

 * Up to 4 pre-marital meetings where at least two are Premarital Spiritual Direction sessions.

 * Up to twice, one or both of our officiants will travel to your location (up to 50 miles) to meet with you.

 * Online Facebook meetings.

 * At least 1 officiant being with you at the rehearsal.

 * 2 officiants standing up front with you on your wedding day. 

 * For Ceremonies within 75 miles of Minot

The All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive?... what does that mean?

With this package you can meet face to face multiple times with your officiant either at our location or we can travel one time to you (up to 70 miles from Minot). We also will work with you online on developing your special day service. We will meet with you and your future spouse up to four times before your wedding day as part of the premarital program we offer in this package, which includes.....

Up to 4 pre-marital meetings where at least two are Premarital Spiritual Direction sessions.

And, one of our officiants will be with you the rehearsal day to help insure that your day goes off with few problems.

Our Officiant will be with you all the way from first contact to the cutting of the cake.

For Ceremonies within  122 miles of Minot

Super Clergy Destination Package
Get Everything found in our Destination Package but instead of just 1 Officiant, you get 2 Officiants. This will give you the ceremony that your friends and family will rave about for years to come.
Destination Package
Not familiar with the Badlands North Dakota?
Not sure what you need to having a great wedding day celebration?
Need extra care and support?
Looking to get married anywhere in North Dakota/Montana/Minnesota?
Go with our Destination Package and let us take the stress off your shoulders.

This package includes:

 * 1 dedicated Wedding Officiant, 1 dedicated Wedding Coordinator

 * Our Wedding Coordinator will work with you to bring to life your ideas. They help you get in contact with the best Travel Agents, Dress Makers,  Florists, Limousines, Transportation Companies, Wedding Day Venues, Rehearsal Dinner Locations, Hotels, Resorts, Caterers, Bakers, Cake Makers, Tent, Tables. Chairs, Linen Rentals, DJ's and much much more...

 * Our coordinator will be honored to go with you as you search for dresses and tuxes, taste cakes, and be your listening ear throughout the entire  engagement to wedding day process.

 * They will help you design Your Day, Your Way.

This package also includes:

* Up to 4 pre-marital meetings where at least two are Premarital Spiritual Direction sessions.

 * The officiant traveling to your location (up to 50 miles) to meet with you at least once. 

 * Unlimited online  / phone call meetings.

 * Your officiant being with you at the rehearsal.

 * Your officiant standing up front with you on your wedding day. 

 * Our Wedding Coordinator in the background, helping everything to run smoothly so you can enjoy your day.


* It covers any mileage costs and if the ceremony location is over 75 miles away from Minot the cost of any overnight stays anywhere in North Dakota / Montana / Minnesota

Lake view from Camp of the Cross, Garrison North Dakota
Wedding Rings
Reverend Carleton and Reverend Dorothy
Car announcing Couple Just Married

Spiritual Direction / Life Coaching

$30.00 per hour session

For individuals or couples who would like to continue strengthening their life's journey we do offer Spiritual Direction and Life Coaching.

Sessions are only available in the Minot.

Crowd of people with no direction
Happy Couple with Reverend Carleton on the coast of Maine
Final Notes: 

* We do not accept payments to pay non-Beken of Destiny Marriage Service employees (example: We will not cash a payment by check and give part to the DJ).

* To lock your date we do require a minumum 50% deposit.

* Wedding deposits are refundable until the day before the Rehearsal minus completed Spiritual Direction sessions, Milage and or any special order costs affiliated with your special day.

* Wedding License needs to be presented to your Wedding Officiant at the Rehearsal and Final Payment in full is due the day of the Rehearsal.

*We accept Cash, Visa, or  Mastercard
(a 3% processing fee will apply to all Credit card payments)

* Would you like to be Baptized? If the answer is yes, we remind you that we are ordained United Church of Christ clergy, that means we can do Baptism of children and adults. Rev. Dorothy loves to do this at no charge, if you include it with your wedding package. But if you would like this without having purchased a wedding package, we do charge a small mileage fee outside of Minot, ND to cover the transportation expenses. 
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